Core Values


Client Focus

SEF is dedicated to consistently realising clients’ needs, delivering speedy, high quality services and solutions, exceeding clients’ expectations, enhancing client satisfaction, and building and maintaining long-term client relationships.


SEF works closely with clients, employees and all stakeholders, providing value-added services with quality, speed and finesse, promote team efforts, stimulating creativity and innovation and achieving mutual benefit for all parties.


In all dealings with clients, employees and stakeholders, our employees are committed to upholding the highest levels of business and professional integrity, ethics and trustworthiness; and treating all stakeholders with respect and fairness.


SEF is committed to always provide service efficiently and effectively, by continuously striving to improve on standards and competencies, and through applying best industry practices, so as to ensure the highest professionalism is maintained throughout our dealings with project stakeholders.

Courage and Perseverance

SEF approaches all endeavours with strong mental and moral strength, determination and effort. We proceed objectively beyond the ordinary to manage and deliver every project diligently and within schedule regardless of challenges involved.


SEF exudes passion, enthusiasm to excel in all undertakings and offers the most valued services and solutions to clients, employees and all stakeholders.

Vision & Mission


SEF Group aims to be a leading provider of innovative and high quality construction, engineering and interior decoration solutions to wide range of clients in the international markets through integrated and tailored services. SEF Group maintains the highest standards of service in the industry.

To fulfill clients’ needs by delivering high quality and innovative services and solutions at competitive prices.

To uphold our reputation and consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

To build and maintain long-lasting relationships with project stakeholders through enduring case and services, and through the operation of a sound and successful business.

To provide open, ethical and empowering works.

To exercise wisdom and fairness in relationships with clients, employees and stakeholders.